FOOTAGE for documentary about the Kaiapo people for FUNAI / director Murilo Azevedo. On our trip to the Kaiapó village, we couldn’t take with us on the small plane much of our food, cause we had to take our camera and gear, so after a hard day of shooting we had to go out fishing in order to eat. The camera batteries were charged on the only solar board of the village.



“Current Affairs” videos for the Denmark Public Television in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, about Brazilian Economy, the inauguration of the new President of Brazil and the pacifying of “Favelas” in Rio. I was Camera Operator, Editor and Local Fixer for Mr. Jakob Illerborg, Global Correspondent for Danish Broadcast Company, DR.



CAMERA WORK and EDITING from an Script in English for a DVD about Brazilian Culinary, for the Culinary Institute of America / Unilever. We traveled all Brazil with six American Chefs, recording the best Brazilian Chefs and the traditional recipes of Brazilian Culinary. I was Camera Operator, Local Fixer and Editor for Mr. John Barkley, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Culinary Institute of America, USA.